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Application Deadlines 

PhD students: February 10th, 2023; ESERA faculty members: January 31st, 2023

1 ) Participation Fee

The PhD student participation fee will be € 400, including conference participation, overnight stays from Sunday to Saturday, full catering (consisting of breakfast, coffee/tea breaks, lunch, dinner), and social events.

The staff participation fee will be covered by the ESERA board, including travelling expenses up to a maximum of € 500.

Depending on the success of our fundraising campaign, there could be a few scholarships available for those in need of financial support. We will spread the information regarding possible scholarships in case of a positive outcome on this website.

2) PhD Student - Application

PhD students are invited to apply as participants at the Summer School by providing their personal information and their conference contribution (related to their PhD project) at the student application form of the ESERA conference submission system. The deadline for applications and submissions is February 10th, 2023. Please note that the application is only possible if you submit your conference contribution at the same time. In general, it is not possible to apply for the Summer School without a conference contribution.

The quality of the conference contribution will be assessed by two independent reviewers who are currently working as science education researchers. They are also experienced ESERA faculty members.


Prior to writing the conference contribution, look carefully at the contribution guidelines. These guidelines provide information about the required content and format of the conference contribution. While writing the contribution, bear in mind that the submitted contribution will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • clarity of research questions and research design;

  • appropriate use of a theoretical framework;

  • presentation of (early) data and (plans for) data analysis;

  • coherence and clarity of the contribution as a piece of academic writing;

  • conventions of academic writing (e.g. appropriate referencing).


The applications will be reviewed on whether the PhD project is at an appropriate stage (not too close to the beginning or the end of the PhD) so that the discussions at the Summer School can contribute to the students’ research projects usefully. Consideration will also be given to the diversity of research areas and interests represented at the Summer School.


Synopsis Guidlines


Start the Application Process (synopsis upload required)

3) ESERA Faculty Member - Application

Staff members are invited to apply as a mentor at the Summer School by providing their personal information at the staff application form of the ESERA conference submission system. The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2023.

While filling in the application form, please note that almost every staff member is expected to combine several roles during the Summer School. Therefore, most mentors will present a keynote, hold a workshop or review posters. The application form also offers the possibility for describing potential keynotes and/or workshops. All staff applicants will act as reviewers for the student’s conference contributions.


Start the Application Process (for Faculty Member)

4) Acceptance

The selection of PhD students will be undertaken after reviewing the contributions by the end of March 2023. By then, all PhD student applicants will be informed whether they have been selected for participating at the Summer School or not. After acceptance, participants will receive their results of the review process for revision purposes. They will then also be asked to pay the student participation fee. If the participation is cancelled after payment, a refund is only possible if the cancellation happens before July 1st, 2023.

While participating, all participants should make sure that they are sufficiently insured against medical expenses, accidents, and thefts. The Summer School organizers are not liable for any cost, damage, or loss of property of any kind.

The selection of ESERA staff members will be undertaken by the end of February 2023. By then, all staff applicants will be informed whether they have been selected as staff members or not, In case of acceptance, they will also be informed about their roles during the Summer School.

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