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General Information

The annual Summer School offers an opportunity for PhD students who are currently working and researching in the field of science education to present their work, expand their knowledge and receive feedback from international colleagues. Various mentor group meetings, workshops, poster sessions, and keynotes guarantee a successful event, both for students as well as for mentors. During these six days, the conference programme also provides enough room for networking and scientific exchange of any kind.

The Summer School offers the opportunity to staff members to contribute to the professional development of science education research and enhance their professional network with young international researchers in the field.

Note: Please do not sign up for the Summer School, if you have just started your PhD or if you are about to end your PhD soon. Every participant should be able to discuss their preliminary findings and thus benefit from the following.

Time Schedule

The indicative timetable of the Summer School includes eight mentor group meetings, three workshop sessions (including three workshops each), two poster sessions, and four keynotes. Your arrival is expected on Sunday 2nd  till 18:00 and your room must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure (July 8th). The Summer School requires a daily attendance and active participation.

The participating PhD students will be divided into seven groups. Each group will consist of seven PhD students and two experienced science education researchers acting as mentors. It is expected that each mentor group will have one or two virtual meetings before the Summer School starts. These meetings will (a) clarify the approach within the mentor group, (b) provide an overview of the research that will be presented and discussed at the Summer School and (c) constitute a good basis for further work and social interaction at the conference. During each mentor group meeting at the Summer School, one of the PhD students will present his or her research to the group, followed by a group discussion that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation.

Each PhD student is also expected to present his or her research during a poster session in front of all conference participants. At the same time, all presenters may discuss their work with all interested PhD students and mentors. Moreover, each presenter will get written feedback on his or her poster from an experienced science education researcher.

Conference Proceeding

About two months before the Summer School starts, the final timetable, the group arrangements and all conference abstracts (including the summaries of all keynotes and workshops) will be published in a digital conference proceeding.

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